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Steve Rotfeld Productions is a nationally renowned producer of Educational/Informational (E/I) programming for about 15 years.  A few years ago, he developed the concept for a syndicated series of shows called Xploration Station (Xploration Awesome Planet, Xploration Outer Space, Xploration Earth 2050, Xploration DIY Sci, Xploration Nature Knows Best, Xploration Weird But True, Xploration Animal Science).  Steve sold the 3-hour block of science related shows to the Fox O&O’s across the country, National Geographic Channel, and other distributors.

These shows were to consist of hundreds of episodes to be shot on location.  And Steve needed help to locate financing for the productions.  Steve turned to DB&A to find a solution.  Dave Bowers immediately saw the opportunity for these projects to qualify for film tax credits in Pennsylvania

Dave set to work to prepare winning film tax credit application packages, detailing the nature of the shows, their impact on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning, and the benefits to employment and spending in the state.  Dave then pitched the projects in-person to the PA film office.

The projects were approved for film tax credits.  The result to date has been awards totaling $7.2 million in credits over 7 seasons and more than 100 episodes of this Emmy-award winning programming.

The DB&A team has handled the entire film tax credit process, from applications, film office negotiations, monthly reporting, cost accumulation, cost eligibility maximization, audit selection and supervision, impact reports, credit issuance, and interfacing with all outside parties.