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Meet Our Team

Dave Bowers

Founder and President


A uniquely qualified film/television industry production and financial executive, Dave Bowers has probably personally done more film tax credit projects than anyone in the country.  In 2004, he prepared and submitted the first-ever film tax credit project in Pennsylvania, a $1.5 million approved application for TLC’s Trading Spaces. Since 2004, he has prepared over 200 applications in Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Louisiana, Alaska, Georgia and other states

In 2008, Dave founded DB&A with its mission being to help production companies obtain film tax incentives that these companies didn’t know they qualified for. Dave developed DB&A’s cradle-to-grave, turnkey tax credit model, pioneering the partnership approach to film tax credits and incentives.  These methods developed into DB&A’s unique success fee compensation model, as well as its “pre-audit” approach to ensuring timely tax credit results and maximizing clients’ tax credit proceeds

Dave does all of his clients’ tax credit and incentive applications himself, bringing his hands-on expertise to each client.  He’s well-known for preparing and presenting winning application packages, achieving a 98% approval rate.  He’s a qualified specialist in pitching and maximizing film tax credit eligibility.

Dave leads a team of highly experienced professionals, boasting an average of 20 years in production accounting.  His team provides constant oversight on projects, accumulates costs, pre-audits the costs, works with CPA firm for audits, and sees each project through to credit monetization.

Dave is a former CPA (currently inactive license) and CMA, and has over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry.  He was VP and CFO of Banyan Productions (Trading Spaces, A Wedding Story), taking the production company from $2 million to $50 million in annual sales in 5 years.

He was previously President and co-owner of Telenium Communications (f/k/a Stewart Digital Production and Post facilities, and Starliner Mobile Television) for 12 years.  He has served on chapter boards of the National Academy of Television Arts & Science, the Pa Film Industry trade association, and is closely linked with several state film offices.

In addition to DB&A, Dave is a co-owner of Film Incentives Group, LLC, a leading broker/specialist of film tax credits and incentives throughout the U.S., matching sellers with FIG’s stable of Fortune 100 buyers.

Roseann Dumont

Founding Associate


Roseann Dumont is DB&A’s most experienced and lead specialist, primarily focusing on the downstream cost accumulation analysis and eligibility determination on most projects.  She possess a detailed personality and a comprehensive knowledge of production accounting, as well as film incentive laws and guidelines. She holds professional certifications and memberships along with a B.S in Accounting from Penn State.

Roseann has performed well as a production accountant on feature films.  She was Controller for Banyan Productions from 1999 to 2006 prior to joining DB&A.  She has prepared and reported hundreds of Cost Reports for networks such as Discovery, TLC, Fox Television, and others.

Roseann brings to DB&A the wonderful ability to turn raw cost documents into an orderly and timely listing of pre-audited costs fully-prepped for the CPA audit.  That way, the audit can be performed quickly, inexpensively, and without audit exceptions that can lower the credit amount if left unchecked. Having worked on hundreds of projects, she’s developed an innate ability to maximize eligible and allowable costs.  Then she interfaces with the CPA firm throughout the audit. A true talent!

Thomas Hill

Senior Associate & Project Manager


Tom is the newest member of DB&A’s leadership team, and he adds more than 10 years hands-on film incentive experience to the group.  Tom’s previous position was at Alkemy X, Inc. (f/k/a Shooters, Inc.), where he was CFO of the nationally-known content production company, production facilities, and brand marketer.

Tom has personally successfully prepared 35 film tax credit applications resulting in about $15 million in credits.  His top projects included Restaurant: Impossible and Dinner: Impossible (Food Network).  He performed all aspects surrounding the projects, including production accounting, cost assemblies, tax credit eligibility analysis, pre-audit, interfacing with the CPA team through credit issuance, and final monetization.

As a former production company CFO, Tom knows and understands the needs of these businesses – cash flow, payrolls, network accounting/reporting, taxes, billing, borrowings, etc.  He has over 20 years experience in film/tv, advertising/marketing, and audio/visual. He will use all that experience to maximize the value of each film tax credit project he works on.

Megan McCollough


Megan has deep relationships with the Film offices, Revenue and Development departments in Georgia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Louisiana, and New Jersey.

For more than 10 years, Meghan has successfully transacted literally hundreds of film tax credit application and transfer contracts in these states. These transactions total more than $300 million

Meghan is one of the company’s hands-on specialists to directly interface on our client’s behalf with the film offices at the application phase. Then, she is again deeply involved to ensure timely credit issuance from the state. Importantly She is an expert in quickly, and efficiently completing the complicated process of recording and confirming the sale, and transfer of incentives on each states’ systems.




Dave Bowers & Associates is a specialized firm offering highly unique services to film & television production companies, television networks, film studios, content providers, digital distributors, and video game companies