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The DB&A Advantage

We are a very specialized, niche Consulting & Accounting Firm dedicated to our mission.  We were accountants and consultants, and CFOs and Controllers from the film, television, and digital industries.  We know your needs.  We speak your language from our careers in the business.


We Are Your Personal Film Tax Credit Department.  We are a team of incentive experts at your full-time disposal to field your questions. And there are no fees until we have a film or show that qualifies and is awarded a credit.  We do this every day.  We work with your in-house team of production and accounting personnel.


We Get Paid Only When You Do.  No hourly rates or billings.  No deposits or retainers.  No progress fees or monthly charges. We get paid a success fee once you get your incentive or credit and can monetize it.  Ask all the questions you want about a project, eligible costs, pricing/bidding, approvals, status.  Go ahead.  It’s all included in the success fee.


Our Best Interests are Your Best Interests.  We are invested in your film or show and its incentives.  We want and need to maximize it.  We want and need to do this quickly and efficiently.


We Work Only For You.  We work only for you and your team.  Not for your clients, not for your investors, not for the bank.


Shift The Burden Onto Us.  We do the entire process, working with your inside team and your outside team.


Let Us Work Our Magic For You.  We’ve done this hundreds of times.




Dave Bowers & Associates is a specialized firm offering highly unique services to film & television production companies, television networks, film studios, content providers, digital distributors, and video game companies