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The DB&A Advantage

We were accountants and consultants, and CFOs and Controllers from the film, television, and digital industries

The Pre - Audit

Our mission here is to get every cost to be eligible, and to find every cost, being as creative as possible in that mission.

Procedures and Timeline

DB&A Timeline and Incentive Procedures

“The First Look” or “One-Off” Deal

If those content creators prefer, they can opt for a “First Look” deal with the network, distributor or studio.  In that way, the buyer gets first option on the creator’s/seller’s properties.

We can work together in that sort of way, too.  Basically, we’re working together on one project at a time, and we take it from there.

“The Overall” Deal

Content creators, producers, and directors usually love to have an “Overall” with a studio, network, or distributor.  Such an arrangement allows for both sides to share ideas, needs and concepts most freely.  The results can be the most synergistic and profitable.

We, too, can work that way.  We’ll have an NDA in place, and constant access to each other.  Importantly, it will cost you nothing to have us as your Film Tax Credit Department on call.  It works for you, and it works for us.

We want to know everything you have in development, and everything you’re taking out to pitch.  That way, we can provide counsel as to what can qualify, and we can be most speedy in getting a project’s application prepared, submitted and approved.




Dave Bowers & Associates is a specialized firm offering highly unique services to film & television production companies, television networks, film studios, content providers, digital distributors, and video game companies