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DB&A Timeline and Incentive Procedures

DB&A Project Timeline

DB&A Incentives Procedures



(As relevant and tailored per client needs and state requirements)


Constant interface with your CFO and financial team, management, ownership,
CPA/tax expert, attorney, investors, and others


Determine if project qualifies in planned shoot/post locations
If >1 shoot locations, multiple state applications may be in play
If post is in state different than shoot, post may qualify separately
Closely examine line-by-line budget for eligible costs
Suggest costs outside budget that will qualify for incentives
Include DB&A fee estimate if part of eligible costs
Create credit/incentive timeline for client team


Obtain docs: prod schedule, locations, script/creative
Identify eligible cost maximization opportunities and add to app
Conduct preliminary interview with film office
Compare this with other apps we’ve prepared in this state
Create budget, resident personnel, affirmative action, remote location narratives
Find bonus/up-uplift incentives for above
Add DB&A proprietary criteria/narratives to boost Film Office App grading


Submit overall incentive application package with bonuses
Meet film office in person
Answer questions, negotiate timely approval
Obtain incentive contract and review terms
Review with client team

& Control

Ensure establishment: Production LLC, bank accounts, payroll provider, loan-outs,
I-9’s, resident qualifications, prod acctg/budget software, etc
Monitor/consult: expense documentation, budget vs actual, eligible overages

and Monitoring

Prepare cost/progress reports for: Mgmt, Film Office, inside/outside teams
Update timelines

Cost and Document

Aggregate prod cost documents
Download costs from prod acctg/budget software incl payrolls
Add in post costs as appropriate
Ascertain completeness of costs, locate any addtls


Perform pre-audit procedures
Ensure eligibility of costs incl up-lifts
Obtain addtl docs and costs
Vet all costs for audit pass-through, ensuring no exceptions

CPA / Audit

Previously select and interview best CPA/audit options
Negotiate best price given DB&A prep work
Provide costs to auditor with full explanations
Monitor sample selections, provide sample docs
Clear any exceptions
Constantly monitor progress and report release

Credit / Incentive

Prepare and provide economic impact, affirmation action, etc reports
Monitor Film Office acceptance and clear exceptions
Constantly push for expedited issuance of credit/incentive

Credit / Incentive
Sale & Transfer

If credit to be sold, previously survey brokers for best price
Oversee buy-sell contract, transfer process
Expedite funds receipt
If rebate or refundable credit, expedite filings and cash receipt




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