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Everyone agrees that Duck Dynasty has been a mega hit for A&E Network, as well as for the originators of the series, Gurney Productions.  A production company, even one as successful as Gurney was prior to Duck Dynasty, has limited resources and personnel.

When Duck Dynasty first went into production, Gurney had to coordinate its L.A-based production offices, producing other hit shows, with the production teams on the ground in Louisiana involved with the massive Duck Dynasty shoots.  The demands of the production and delivery schedules were overwhelming at time.

Gurney’s CFO reached out to us to manage the film tax credit process in Louisiana, and we jumped right in to meet deadlines.  We worked with her team to expedite preparation and submission of the applications for Seasons 1, 2 and 3 to the Film Office in Louisiana, and to obtain approvals and keep all matters on track.

When it came time, we continued to work with Gurney’s financial team to assemble costs and eligibility.  We selected the best auditor in the state to examine the costs, and worked with him to be sure to have the reported costs forwarded in time to the state in order to meet the state’s deadline.

Our deep commitment and involvement with the show resulting in Duck Dynasty being approved for $5.8 million in credits in those seasons!